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Post-Operative Instructions - After Regular Cleaning


Your comfort and health are important to us. Please use these post-operative instructions as a helpful guide on what to expect and measures to take following your dental procedures. You can also call us at 774-530-6199, if you have any questions or concerns following your treatment.

Can’t call, no worries.  Send us an email . We will respond you asap. Thanks for choosing us for your dental care!!

Here are a few things to keep in mind for all ages
  • Healthy gum tissue is the foundation of the healthy teeth, just like tree needs good earth for its root and vitality.
  • When brushing is not properly done, inflammation around the teeth can cause bleeding gum initially, but bone loss around the teeth and gum disease may happen eventually if not corrected.
  • 6-month cleaning is necessary to maintain both good teeth and gum.
  • We recommend twice a day brushing and once a day flossing.
Care for Kids Sealants

By forming a thin covering over the pits and fissures, sealants keep out plaque and food, thus decreasing the risk of decay. Since, the covering is only over the biting surface of the tooth, areas on the side and between teeth cannot be coated with the sealant. Good oral hygiene and nutrition are still very important in preventing decay next to these sealants or in areas unable to be covered.

Your child should refrain from eating ice or hard candy, which tend to fracture the sealant. Regular dental appointments are recommended in order for your child's dentist to be certain the sealants remain in place.

The American Dental Association recognizes that sealants can play an important role in the prevention of tooth decay. When properly applied and maintained, they can successfully protect the chewing surfaces of your child's teeth. A total prevention program includes regular visits to the dentist, the use of fluoride, daily brushing and flossing, and limiting the number of times sugar-rich foods are eaten. If these measures are followed and sealants are used on the child's teeth, the risk of decay can be reduced or may even be eliminated!
Happy brushing and flossing, and we look forward to seeing you in 6 months!!
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