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Dental Specials New Patient $55

LIVE.      LOVE.      LAUGH.


New  Patient Special

INCLUDES Cleaning, X-ray and Exam

Emergency Exam

Single Tooth Exam and  X-ray


No Insurance? We got you the dental specials.

We are committed to helping you look, feel and smile your best.

Save 10% Off

Full or Partial Dentures

Take Home Whitening Special


INCLUDES  a set of custom trays and free oral exam

In house Teeth whitening,


New Patient Special includes 4 Bite-wings and 2 Peri-apical. These specials are for patients with no insurance or have limited  insurance coverage.

New Child Patient


No insurance or still expensive with insurance.

Specials you can't miss!

Sealants : $35
Fillings: $80 to $170
Athletic Guard: $100
Special Deals  on Space Maintainer and more !!
INCLUDES  free oral exam
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